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For your conveniences , Any order you want is now at your fingertips, 
Wherever you are simply click Order and make an order. You haven't registered with us
We deliver the product at the earliest , Delivery when you order 1,000 baht *Charge delivery fee (except the bottles) 
If you buy less than that you can call GrabExpress to pick up at the store during business hours. Map
How to make an order list and details of the bottle go to the payment page.
About Us
K.panit Limited partnership
Welcome to , Our products are made in several countries. We look forward to being a part of your product.
My Team is hard work and dedication to the selection of best quality for our customers,Something to seem as good as them
but better them,what about you. Either way your products are all over the place.


A Farm tours do not create value-added products. But there are other value-added opportunities. For example, 
a winery may find value-added opportunities from winemaking by-products. The fruit used in the winemaking process is 
filtered from the final product (wine), but can also be used as livestock feed, so winemakers can connect with local farmers
and sell their grains.
In this value-added scenario, the potential waste becomes a value-added product that increases the profitability
of the winery. Value-added products are goods with an enhanced value stemming from some extra process or product.
Value-added products may be self-evident (such as a strawberry that has been processed into jam),
or they may need to be marketed (such as organically grown produce).
For support purposes Products of Thailand to have quality that can be easily accessible to consumers ,
It also allows farmers products to make more money for the community, such as OTOP products.
If you need any additional assistance, please contact me. Store Location  Click here
Please leave your message and we will get back to you within the working days. (Contact us page)


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