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Aluminum Screw CapsAluminum Screw Caps (View 1576)
Wine Bottle CorksWine Bottle Corks (View 3193)
Cork is the outer shell of an oak tree. But this is not the usual bark. It is light and fire resistant.Year after year This type of oak creates a flexible shell. If not removed This bark may have a thickness of up to 25 cm, which will help protect th...
Vinometer 0-25 Percent AlcoholVinometer 0-25 Percent Alcohol (View 2243)
Beer Bottle Caps or Crown CapsBeer Bottle Caps or Crown Caps (View 4526)
The crown cap is a beer bottle cap made of coated steel and extruded. Insulated with sealing material. When tightened, it can retain the quality of the drink. Or products in the bottle well. Suitable to be sealed. Bottled water, beer, soda, soy milk,...
PVC Shrink Capsules for Wine BottlesPVC Shrink Capsules for Wine Bottles (View 2806)
Wine BottlesWine Bottles (View 2892)
Wine bottle
Beer Bottle CapperBeer Bottle Capper (View 2961)
Manual for Hand Crown cap machine 
Bentonite Wine GradeBentonite Wine Grade (View 1505)
Floor Wine CorkerFloor Wine Corker (View 1378)
Floor wine corkers The Portuguese Floor corker will with straight corks in wine bottles This corker has a good action inserting the cork into the bottle without compressing the air between the cork and the wine. This ensures a neat flush fi...
Wine Filter PadsWine Filter Pads (View 1412)
Filter Pads are not all the same. They may be rated with specific micron sizes but they also must correspond to Flow Rate and Pressure applied to them by the pump. The #1 Pads are Coarse Pads. They remove large particulate in a heavy wine, ...
29 mm Black aluminum screw caps29 mm Black aluminum screw caps (View 1156)
29 mm Black aluminum screw caps These are a hand twisted on/off caps (2,700 caps per box) -The threaded caps size 29mm are require a screw capping tool -29mm aluminum screw caps with a foam pad seal and the caps will fit some bottles&nb...

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