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Product/Service >>> WINE BOTTLES / WINE OPENER


Wine Bottles 750 cc, 500 cc , Wine Opener
500 ML Dark Green Semi-Bordeaux Bottles Cork Finish

Code: 000016
Regular Price: 540.00 THB
(Ref. 18.00 USD)

Special Price: 486.00 THB
(Ref. 16.20 USD)
The green bottle is very effective in preventing the oxidation of the wine in the light.
Plastic Wing Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

Code: 000105
Regular Price: 60.00 THB
(Ref. 2.00 USD)

Special Price: 30.00 THB
(Ref. 1.00 USD)
The hard sharp zinc alloy screw helps you rotate the corkscrew into the cork quickly.
500 ML Green Screw Top Semi-Bordeaux Wine Bottles

Code: 000093
Regular Price: 648.00 THB
(Ref. 21.60 USD)

Special Price: 522.00 THB
(Ref. 17.40 USD)
These screw cap bottles can accommodate a 28 mm metal screw caps and require a screw capping tool.
750 ML Dark Green Bordeaux Bottles Cork Finish (Bottle Height)

Code: 000070
Regular Price: 192.00 THB
(Ref. 6.40 USD)

Special Price: 174.00 THB
(Ref. 5.80 USD)
These bottles are 32.30 cm tall and have a base diameter of 7.30 cm
750 ML Dark Green Bordeaux Bottles Cork Finish

Code: 000078
Regular Price: 180.00 THB
(Ref. 6.00 USD)

Special Price: 162.00 THB
(Ref. 5.40 USD)
750 ML Wine Bottles-Punted (12/Case) Cork Finish - These bottles require corks
500 ML Clear Semi-Bordeaux Bottles Cork Finish

Code: 000071
Regular Price: 540.00 THB
(Ref. 18.00 USD)

Special Price: 486.00 THB
(Ref. 16.20 USD)
This clear wine bottle has an eye-catching shape just to see the colors of drinks such as cocktails, vinegar, fruit juices , wine , apple cider vinegar , Honey , Olive oil
Wine Opener Self Pulling Corkscrew

Code: 000084
Regular Price: 40.00 THB
(Ref. 1.33 USD)

Special Price: 20.00 THB
(Ref. 0.67 USD)
Just turn the handle and let the corkscrew do the rest. Corkscrew makes pulling out a cork easy

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